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Composite Doors

Our range of high quality and solid composite doors, offer a truly beautiful door to your choice of doors. Each has their own beauty along with the strength and security you would want in a door. Our range of composite doors are not foam filled, but resin filled. They offer superb strength, where you need it most. The appeal of the timber look ,with the woodgrain finish offers the beauty of a solid timber door, but without the maintenance.

Glass Balustrades

Glass offers a modern and sleek look to any balustrade. With our expertise, each balustrade is made to measure and with various finishes and clamps available we can fit the balustrade around your existing staircase or balcony. With handrail options or just a clean polished edge glass look, we can ensure that you will add a touch of sophistication to your home.

Trickle Vents

Trickle vents can offer additional ventilation to the windows, they are incorporated into the window frame, so that you have the benefit of having a little ventilation without having to open the window. They come in a range of colours, so can blend into the colour of the window frame you have chosen.


Our window and door furniture comes in a range of finishes. We have handpicked the designs so that the range matches our range of profiles but adds the quality touch to the handles and locks. Our aim is always to offer the best we can, and the furniture on our windows and doors give the perfect finishing touch.


Glass has been used for centuries to bring light into our homes. We offer a wide range of glass and glazing options, from super clear, to tinted, to thermally effiicant to self cleaning. The enhancement of technology has seen glass being used in a wide range of applications to brighten and lighten our homes.


Georgian bars are now available in a range of colours and styles. From the more traditional white, to chrome and gold, along with a range of bevels and crystals, we can ensure that your windows are decorated to your taste.


Leaded windows are more traditional looking and has been adapted to suit more modern applications as well as older designs. The lead work is all done in house, so is also made to fit your windows and a variety of designs are available from square leaded to diamond leaded or a more traditional Queen Anne lead, where the lead borders the window.

Integral Blinds

Integral blinds can be made to fit into the glass units of your windows. They can then offer shade from the sun. We offer a range of manual or electric blinds, to suit your requirements and with a range of colours so you can match your blind colour to the window colour.

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