Our Windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows have a range of styles available which combine the use of side and top hung openers. All windows are manufactured to size, so all different combinations can be made. Our window frames are all manufactured with strength and security in mind. We have a range of different options, so can supply your windows to your specific requirements.

Sash Windows

We offer a choice of sash windows, from PVCu, Timber to Aluminium. Each material has its own benefits, and a different look, so you can choose between the more traditional look of a timber sash window or the more modern look of a PVCu or Aluminium sash window, whilst keeping some of the key features of a sash window.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn windows can provide a greater scope of opening a window. They can be opened either, by fully opening the windows to the side or using the tilt to open it ajar. Tilt and turn windows open in, so gives you an additional choice if you prefer an open in window, or would like a ventilation feature whilst not having to open the window fully.

Secondary Windows

We also offer a range of Secondary windows, which can be useful for extra acoustic or thermal protection. They are installed into the internal of the existing external windows. The have a range of opening styles, from fixed, to vertical sliding, to horizontial sliding or even open in.

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